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international cheese ball

If you haven't seen Roxanne Webber's Turducken of Cheese Balls recipe on Chow yet, reading its title just now has probably piqued your interest. If it hasn't, then this recipe probably won't thrill you, either. No matter what, click that link, because it's animated! It's a cross-section animation! How freaking cool! What we have here is a vegetarian -- not vegan by any means -- version of that behemoth party food, using black olives and sundried tomatoes in place of chorizo and bacon. I call it the International Cheese Ball because -- and I'm sure you can figure this out on your own -- Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, and the US are all represented in its ingredients. I haven't tasted the Chow ball, but I would venture to say that even carnivorous types won't miss the meat in this one. Nothing says "party" like "cheese ball." Party! Cheese ball! Party! Cheese ball! I did follow the Chow recipe, so mine is not very differe

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