Tuesday, June 24, 2008

much better than Doan's

Sometimes when my back's killing me, I have a wee teeny drink to make me feel better. Much better than ibuprofen and just as damaging to the liver, so why not?

So today I went about the business of prepping my standard sweet vermouth and lime (something Steve Czagas turned me on to, god bless him, although it may have been lemons he used), only to discover I had finished the damned vermouth probably ages ago when Angela was here. Piss. Luckily, I'm a bit of a lush and always have bottles of stuff stashed here and there - usually in my bedroom where Dylan can't get to them before I do - and I found a sweet bottle of limoncello from Sherry's 2006 trip to Italy in the freezer. Danged if it doesn't taste just like tart lemonade when you add some kumquat juice (delish) and lime to it. Yum. And isn't it pretty?

yummy limoncello and citrus

Mix up 1 oz each limoncello and kumquat juice, a squeeze of lime, and 3 ice cubes if you want one for yourself. If what you really want's a sweet vermouth, go get a bottle of Cinzano (the red one) from Publix, pour some in a cute little Italian glass (I was being lazy with the blue teacup) over ice, squeeze in some lemon, lime, or even kumquat (my favorite and we have loads of last year's juice in our freezer next to the limoncello) and I dare you not to drink the whole bottle.
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