Saturday, May 19, 2007

Poke Her

I won $4 at poker last night. My strategy involves mostly holding onto my chips - especially during GUT, which Mark insists is a German acronym for "Game Under Tin", which is ridiculous but quite entertaining to watch, especially when Steve is hellbent on winning back ALL his money from his nemesis, that tall guy. I think he bought in, like, 25 extra dollars.

Hey! Did you know that in the absence of perfume, borrowed from a generous perfect stranger at barside so as to un-stink yourself for visiting your newly heart-attacked and off-his-meds husband in the hospital, you can swipe or slather yourself with a lemon peel borrowed from a bartender who you probably know pretty darned well since you practically live in the bar and who would probably love it if you would just take your stank ass off someplace, preferably closer to the street? Yeah. Some lady asked me for perfume last night at Meg's. I suggested a lemon from the bar. She was incredibly grateful and wouldn't stop telling me so. I think Steve was afraid.
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