Saturday, July 14, 2007

coffee roast

I've been geeking out for 2 days with high school contact lists. I made our website for a tech writing class I had in 2003 - it was muy uglier then - and never stopped messing with it. I somehow made myself the contact person and then roped some other people into geeking out with me. At least our planning meetings are fun and involve alcohol.

WEEK ONE of the new job was spent scrambling frantically for my former confidence. Now that I can find my way in and out of the building and to the hot water machine from varied stairways and access points, I feel like I belong there, man. It's a place I think Ian fits in more obviously than me - but give me time.

Okay, so the hot water machine is a behemoth death trap that spews small or large blobs of free coffee, espresso, the aforementioned hot water, and conceivably mochaccino, though so far there's no evidence of anything resembling chocolate or frothy milk coming out of that thing, into your very own Anne Taintor coffee cup . I know, it sounds amazing, but the rip-off is that this machine isn't one of those awesome tiny cup machines, like the one Geoffrey gave us when he split for France, it's filled with the same terrible underwear broth I ingested at TWO former companies! I can't even find it on the internet so I can ridicule it justifiably! What are the awful chances of that?! I've been sticking with tea.
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