Friday, July 27, 2007

meme meME meme me

Laurel memed me...nine days ago. I think now's a really good time to respond to this honor by meme-ing some other people that I love. Who gives a wig that I don't technically know them all? To repeat the rules of this meme: I write seven facts about myself that you may not know and tag seven other bloggers to do the same.

First let me say that, scientist that I am, I had to look up meme in my favorite scientific resource, Wikipedia. Yeah, it's too much for me to read so I'm just going to play along and try not to contemplate the validity of the word meme as a gerund too much.
  1. I am allergic to wine. Oh that's stupid, everyone knows this because I complain about it every time I order a beer.
  2. I idolize my grandmother. Anybody with the tenacity to marry my grandfather at age 14 and outlive the bastard deserves respect. Besides, the woman could birth a baby on the kitchen table after breakfast and feed all 10 kids off of it that evening.
  3. I hate bullies. I want to slam them into lockers and watch them cry.
  4. I have eaten Spam. Say no more.
  5. I made clothes, soap, necklaces, purses, bug spray, and liqueur, all before it was fashionable to be a hippie.
  6. I laugh at movie gore. Zombies are freaking awesome.
  7. I have 40 pairs of shoes but I only wear my squeaky Doctor Martens boots.

And I meme:
  1. Ian at Lawsuits of the Damned
  2. Peter and Brian at Adventures in 01524
  3. Ayun Halliday at Dirty Sugar Cookies
  4. Jacob at i'm all for it
  5. Skot at Izzle Pfaff
  6. Joe at Joe's World
  7. Steve who will maybe get a blog someday

It will be fun to see if any of these people know they've been scientifically memed.

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