Monday, July 23, 2007

please let me hold your hand

Because I'm an internet freak who can't be without access during the 8 hours a day I'm humpin' it for the man, I'm on a mission to make my sites cellphone friendly. The PBHS site is there - looking fab in miniature - and this blog is on its way, thanks to the realization that Peter and Brian's blog displays perfectly on the old Cingular 2125... Yeah, I stole their template. Only it's a different color, isn't that original? I'm just hoping they don't try to manhandle their individuality back by changing their template to a handheld-unfriendly design 'cause then I'll have to wait until 5pm to stalk their gorgeous lives. Oy. That won't do.

Ian's probably sorry he helped me figure out WTF is up with css for different media types, but I'm not. I holed up in bed with the laptop most of the weekend, geeking out for absolutely no profit, instead of playing his new totally amazing laser battleship game (or something) with him. It was awesome. Ian is awesome.

Marty's kombucha is on its way to Maryland. I sent the new, pretty mushroom and some directions for brewing it up. Don't be afraid to drink it, Marty, and make sure you give some to your folks because it's good for them, just like green beans and broccoli, yo.
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