Wednesday, July 04, 2007

time to make the doughnuts

Since Ian's gallivanting around the old country and I've done all the shopping I can reasonably justify while on sabbatical from paychecks, I spent today opening Ian's mail. Damn, this guy gets a lot of mail. I'm glad he's not here to file away these goods, because I found some lovely stuff. Of note: Grandaddy Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla, Suzanne Vega Beauty & Crime, a signed Guided by Voices Suitcase 2, Billy Bragg's 2006 Reissue Sampler, Sigur Ros Takk, and my fave, Sonic Youth Goo, Deluxe Edition. How long has this mail been in the garage, anyway? Don't worry, baby, I'm just going to listen to them and then they're going right back in the box for you to do that Ink 19 stuff that you do. Yeah, all except the Suzanne Vega, because we got two. Score.

Dan and Rachel are coming over to drink beer with me and slur requests at Dylan, who is in charge of firing off the works I bought yesterday while I was still letting myself buy stuff. The guy at the fireworks store steered me in the direction of the Primo ARTILLERY collection. I got the Assorted Color and Assorted Crackling varieties (buy one get one!) which he assured me Dylan would love and I'm pretty sure he was dead on. I'm glad the Primos were so well received, because apparently I risked maybe being towed by the proprietor of the beer + cigarette place next door, where I parked my car without noticing the sign at the front door stating Generic Beer + Cigarette Store Customer Parking Only - You MAY Be Towed, to bring those bad boys home. Don't worry, I got some pretty fountains and a box of those strobe light things so we can all dance when we're good and lit.
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