and now for something competely different

At Peter's request, here's my favorite photo of myself avec do-rag, massaging the heart of the Petralia Koss household in an attempt to wake its ass up. No, we're not remodeling the kitchen to accommodate the new baby. That car-fixing light illuminated about a week's worth of dinners until we made up our minds about what new light source to string from the newly-painted authentic and totally faux old-ass plaster texture finish ceiling.

Once we decided on our pretty halogen wire-strung track lights from Lowe's, and psuedo-industrial pendant lamp from Home Depot, Frank came over to do whatever it is he does when his friends take advantage of his electrical skills. It worked!

Stay tuned for more fabulous kitchen re-do news. Next time: we braved the scary eBay scene to nab our new brushed nickel hardware, which we will screw into newly painted cabinets! Watch us live our lives as we live them right HERE! It's amazing!
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