Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy happy, joy joy

Am I the only person in the discovered world who expects Chinese restaurants to serve mei fun on Thanksgiving? I mean, what do all the French people who are stuck in Melbourne do?

Thank god we're Sicilian. We're having lasagna—spinach/ mushroom and sausage varieties. Maybe if I'm not too soused when they come out of the oven I'll take a picture. We're also having tomato salad, which looks pretty good in its naked state. Bon appetit, Frenchies!

Oh man.

That was a satiating feast, friends. And though this display of fine foods appears a bit thin when compared to the gluttonous plop of flesh and vegetable consumed during the traditional Thanksgiving 20 (the minutes required to pack 3 pounds of food into the standard gut), it was a divine consumption, let me tell you. A toast to friends and family. Slainte.

Tomato Salad

tomatoes, wedged
sweet onion, sliced
mozzarella, cubed
basil, ribboned
olive oil
lemon or vinegar
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