Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's cabbage! Sauerkraut is cabbage!

Drew gave us an organically jarred jar of sauerkraut that he undoubtedly sliced with his own tomato-stained hands before perfecting its goodness and smashing it into that big ol' Ball. I cooked it tonight with some decidedly non-organic pork ribs and Macintosh apples, and damned if I didn't eat that mess with a spoon!

To make the sauerkraut even more delish, Drew put two spicy little heathen peppers and some cloves of garlics in the jar. The apples cooked to sauce, but the garlic was tenacious, retaining its shiny integrity for me to ingest whole-ish.

Next, I will allow Dylan to make pizzas with the fire-roasted (are they fire-roasted?) tomatoes Drew also broke a sweat to can for me and only me.

Damn, I like Drew.
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