Thursday, February 28, 2008

"...fantastic kitchen, washed down with lots of wine"

My ticket to Glasgow is bought! This August I'll join parts of my family in a remote Scottish outpost for plenty of gaping at lochs and Munros and stuff and inevitably tons of time spent in Kilchrenan, where the pub is. We're bound to do some hiking and cycling, but you can bet your bippy I won't be pedaling my ass the seven miles for whisky.

That there is the place - looks like a hopping joint that I guess we arrive at by hot air balloon! Do you see a road? All my friends are welcome to remain as such by not telling me how to get cheap plane tickets over the pond, oi. Delta did a fine job of scraping well over 1000 noodles off my cold, unfeeling carcass and I guess now that it's done I don't want to think about the insult to my savings.

UK, ho! And when I get back, I'll post a comment in the Guest Book to rival the excerpt in this post's title.
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