Thursday, July 09, 2009

day three in San Jose

Day three of our Costa Rica trip and I'm lounging about like a lady of leisure until someone tells me it's time to get ready for lunch at Ariela's dad's...

After napping our first day away, we spent yesterday morning around San Jose at Ian's health appointments, had a lovely Tico lunch, and picked up mango and maracuya pies for Jaya's welcome party in the evening. Hannah, Dylan, Bobby, and Tatyana were invited to spend the day in Playa Hermosa with Ian's cousin Max and his family, who are on summer break from school. Apparently the waves are pretty sweet right now thanks to a storm in the Pacific, so Dylan lingered there, spending the night with Mazi and the kids while everyone else returned with Max in time for the party.

There's a picture from the party, where I got to see some people again and meet a few relatives for the first time. Click the photo to go to Flickr for a few more shots of us hobnobbing with San Jose's pretty people.

A cool part of yesterday was my trip to a biorhythym therapist, Jaya's gift to me. Jaya's sister, Esther, drove me there and we had a coffee after at Giacomin, the city's oldest chocolatier, run by the same Italian family for 50 years. It was a lot of fun.

More later... breakfast is served.
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