Sunday, August 02, 2009

Green mango salad for Emily

I learned to make this from Merritt, who managed to sneak a few green mangoes off of a tree in my rented yard before the asshole landlord could steal them. I'm not sure my version is exactly like his, but it's pretty freaking good.

green mango salad

two firm, not-quite-ripe, green mangoes
a chili or two
1/2 cup or so green onions
1/4 cup fish sauce (to start)
juice of a juicy lime that is juicy
chopped cilantro

Peel the mangoes and chip the fruit into tiny slivers with a heavy knife (hold the peeled mango in your left hand, chip away with your right hand, rotating the fruit around as you're chipping and letting the knife fall into the fruit, rather than heaving it - you'll get the hang of it after a minute or two).

Slice the chili and green onions super fine, saving the chili seeds to plant in your compost pile if that's how you roll.

Add the vegs to the mangoes and pour the fish sauce and lime juice over - you want everything covered, but not swimming in sauce. Add a bit of fish sauce if you need to.

Refrigerate (the colder, the better) and stir in the cilantro before serving.

You can add a little bit of sugar to this if you'd like - no more than 1/2 tsp, I'd say. I typically don't, because I like my green mango salad to be tart, like me.

Makes enough for four people to devour in about 5 minutes.
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