Saturday, June 04, 2011

Inner Excavation: Day in the life

And now for something completely different...

I'm doing a little project based on Liz Lamoreux's Inner Excavation with my friends. Maybe while I'm digging around in my guts, some new insight will emerge. Or I'll learn something. Or a complete surprise will happen. Or I'll just have some fun with my lady friends.

One of this first week's tasks is to share a day in the life of me. I didn't manage to get shots of the steps in my day - maybe someday I'll be together enough to produce that here - but I did capture some things that maybe show my personality. My character. I'm a character. This is how I'm looking inward, to share my story.

We'll see what happens.

Collection of seeds, shells, corks, bones, and flowers
Kitchen windowsill full of goodness
I love looking at the things on my friends' windowsills and counter tops. Don't leave your mail around if you don't want me to read it! My kitchen window, with its tiny bowls of chicken bones and peach pits, might be a little bit crazy, but I love everything on it.

Collection of chopsticks
I like the wooden chopsticks.
I didn't realize at first that all of these photos are collections. Dylan tells me I have the weirdest collection of food in my pantry.

Collection of knives
I can peel an apple with that Chinese knife. It came with the last house I bought.
You might be thinking that I lamed out on this task, but I do use these little collections every day.

Collection of teacups
I like little cups.
Some more than others.

Collection of lemons
Who has the Corona?
Okay, I don't use lemons every day (you would know this if you had been to my house and seen my shriveled citrus collection), but lemons are food, which is pretty important to my days, and lemons remind me of the Sicilian family I grew up with. I hear that Uncle Jimmy makes a mean lemon salad (haven't tried that one yet).

Collection of things I like
Where is your mind?
Some of these things remind me of people that I miss. That's Bob Dylan. I don't miss Bob Dylan, but I miss Hannah, who drew him and made me guess who he was. She drew Robert Downey, Jr., too, but he was harder to figure out.

Collection of postcards
There's one from Iceland here.
So I guess I have collections of people, too. That is neat. Most of these postcards are from my brother and sisters. I usually stand in front of this wall to photograph my new haircuts.

Collection of receipts
Some of the things I collect I should probably lay off on a little bit.

Collection of shoes
Angela's shoes are called "Black Mountain."
No, I wasn't talking about my shoes...

Collection of books
Semester-long book checkout, yo!
...or my books, earrings, glasses, and fortune-cookie fortunes. I don't really have too many fortunes lying around, but you will find some sort of hair implement on every surface of my house.

Collection of face stuff
Rosewater and unguents galore.
I like having all of these little collections.

Collection of earrings and oils and a really old dish
That's ylang ylang from Costa Rica in that there basket.
Everything reminds me of something or someone.

Collection of basils and a lizard
Basils like the shade. So do lizards, sometimes.
Hello, basils. Lizard, Jacob gonna catch you.
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