German chocolate cake really isn't German

Since German chocolate cake is Ian's favorite, and the tiramisu I planned really needed a couple of days to perform at its best anyway, I made a German chocolate cake yesterday.

Super moist, not super sweet
I used Aliyyah Baylor's recipe, which I recommend completely with the following exceptions:
I used unsweet grated coconut instead of "flaked coconut," which apparently only comes in extra-sweet flavor, because I like for my teeth to feel normal when I eat cake. You can find the unsweet version in Asian markets, frozen.

Aliyyah's recipe makes two layers, but her instructions include a mysterious third layer. Instead of fabricating a third layer from the aether, I made two and assembled thus: Split each cake layer in half, horizontally, with a knife or a length of wire, so that you end up with four layers. Lift the first layer (with your hands, not a spatula) onto a plate, cut side up, and load it with a layer of filling. Put the next layer on top, cut side down. Repeat for the remaining two layers.

I don't frost the sides, but you can if you want to.
Feel free to crush your pecans with a bottle of Marsala.
This was by far the best German chocolate cake of the seven I've baked in my lifetime. If you don't believe me, ask Dan Wilkerson, who said it was the best he's ever eaten, made me believe him by taking seconds, politely refused a swan-wrapped piece for later, and then commended his wife for accepting one on his behalf.
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