spice, so nice.

Hey! A blog post about the kitchen! I know everyone (and I do mean one) has been waiting for that re-do followup I promised a long time ago...

The problem is, I have this little memory problem. Is it important? You'd better write it on a post-it and program it into my phone with an obnoxious alarm, 'cause I will never remember it. Is it inconsequential or embarrassing? No problem, mate. It's committed to the ol' hippocampus for life.

Blegh. Anyway, the kitchen is a delight. Rachel did a bang up job on the paint, Jacob put everything back together again — better than before — with his trusty Dremel, I did some stuff, and Ian made me this awesome spice rack to display all the stuff that fits in tiny jars (yeah, you won't find cumin on this baby — it's in the cabinet looking like a peanut butter jar full of pencil shavings).

Want to know how he made it?

How to make an incredibly above-average spice rack!

  1. Rescue a wooden cassette rack from the Goodwill pile in your garage.
  2. Scour garage sales for those spice jars your mom had 80 million of when you were a kid.
  3. Pull out some of the rack's long dividers (they will be vertically-oriented when you hang it) to make spaces large enough for your jars to fit in.
  4. Tape off the rack's outside wooden casing.
  5. Spray paint the guts black.
  6. Peel off the tape once the paint's dry.
  7. Screw the rack to the wall.
Click on that picture up there to see more pictures of the finished rack, and the finished kitchen.
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